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Greg Carroll and  Michael Pagán
ARC Records: (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/gregcarroll) ARC 2918

Carroll and Pagán create a jazz quartet of piano, vibes, bass and drums through overdubbing.
Project conceived by Michael Pagán.

Pag's Groove

Bravo! The Ottawa University Jazz Singers

Michael Pagán, director/arranger
Ottawa University Recorded Music: OUR 18221-1
Email michael.pagan@ottawa.edu for a copy

Pag's Groove

Pagán Bowman Steever - The Ottawa Sessions

ARC Records: (store.cdbaby.com/cd/paganbowmansteever) ARC 2628

"Pagán has crafted an energetic piano trio album that's loaded with surprises . . . an essential document of Kansas City’s mainstream jazz scene."
Bill Brownlee, plasticsax.com more reviews.

Pag's Groove

The Garage Band Sessions

With David Chael, Steve Dekker, Gerald Spaits, Ray DeMarchi & Ryan Sharp

Pag's Groove

Listen to entire session here.

Keyboard Christmas

A collection of traditional holiday melodies arranged and performed by Michael Pagán.

ARC Records: (www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelpagan) ARC 2451

Pag's Groove

Millie and Mike Live - April, 2011

Millie Edwards, vocals and Michael Pagán, piano

ARC Records: (store.cdbaby.com/cd/millieedwards): ARC 2291

“ . . . a tandem to be envied . . . a match made in heaven.”
Carol Comer more reviews

Pag's Groove

Twelve Preludes & Fugues (2010)

Colorado Saxophone Quartet
Pete Lewis, Andrew Stonerock, Kurtis Adams, Tom Myer & Clare Church
Tapestry Records: (www.caprirecords.com/artists/michael-pagan): Tapestry 76014-2

"I have never heard such magnificent music composed for a saxophone quartet."
David J. Gibson, Editor, Saxophone Journal   more reviews

Pag's Groove

Three for the Ages (2010)

Michael Pagán Trio
Capri Jazz Records: (www.caprirecords.com/artists/michael-pagan): Capri 74101-2

"This as masterful a piano trio effort as one can hear, anywhere . . ."
Andrea Canter, Jazzpolice.com

Pag's Groove

Pag’s Groove

Michael Pagán Big Band
Capri Jazz Records (www.caprirecords.com/artists/michael-pagan): Capri 74072-2

“Who knew he could make a big band sound so marvelous? . . . a stellar album from
start to finish . . .”
Jack Bowers, Cadence Magazine     more reviews

Pag's Groove


Michael Pagán, piano and Doug Walter, vibraphone
Dutch Music Partners (www.dutchmusicpartners.com/duo-ecd-duo): DMP LOP-318597

“There are really no words to describe the magic of this duo’s ensemble precision . . . Duo should
be on everyone’s ‘must buy’ list.”
Lisa Rogers, Percussive Notes     more reviews


Nobody Else But Me

Michael Pagán, solo piano
Capri Jazz Records (www.caprirecords.com/artists/michael-pagan): Capri 74055

“An elegant classicist . . . Pagán flies solo with perfect assurance.”
Bill Gallo, Westword     more reviews
Nobody Else But Me

Tacitus Plus

Michael Pagán Trio with Randall Gelispie and Peter Dominguez                                                                                  

Distributed exclusively by Capri Records (www.caprirecords.com/artists/michael-pagan)

Tacitus Plus

Is Waiting For You

Michael Pagán Quintet with Ken Morgan, Rick Holland, Ed Fedewa and Michael Brothers        

"Pagán is a fine pianist from a technical standpoint . . . Is Waiting for You 
is a subtle knockout."
Richard B. Kamins, Cadence Magazine     more reviews

Is Waiting for You


As Sideman...

C’est si Bón – A La Mode

Clayton ad Jesica DeLong
with James Albright, John Blegen, Miguel DeLeon, Adam Galdblum, Marvin Gruenbaum, Steve Rigazzi, Peter Shilliday & Michael Pagán

Buy: www.alamodejazz.com/product/cest-si-bon-physical-cd/

C’est si Bón – A La Mode

You & I – John Hines, featuring Donna DeVine

With Tom Capek, Brad Goode, Tom Gershwin, Jason Malmberg, Dave Rolf, Christian Teele & Michael Pagán.

Buy:: store.cdbaby.com/cd/johnhinesftdonnadevine

You & I – John Hines, featuring Donna DeVine

This 'n' That - John Blegen

John Blegen, clarinet/sax with Bram Wijnands, Phil Wakefield, Bob Bowman & Michael Pagán.

Buy: store.cdbaby.com/cd/johnblegen

This 'n' That  - John Blegen

12th Street Jump Season 2: Highlights 2009-10

KCUR Kansas City Public Radio's Weekly Jazz Blues & Comedy Jam
Featuring Michael Pagán on "Turn Out the Stars" by Bill Evans

Is Waiting for You

Town Topic

Mark Montgomery and Max Berry
Featuring Michael Pagán on "Lonely Kansas City Night".

Town Topic

Listen to an excerpt from "Lonely Kansas City Night"

UMKC Conservatory Concert Jazz Ensemble

Bobby Watson, Director (2006)
CNSD 6081312
Contains Michael Pagán’s Waltz for a Bad Hair Day

Waltz for a Bad Hair Day

“GREAT CHART and WELL worth the wait . . . great job!”
James Warrick, Coordinator of Jazz Studies
New Trier High School

In The Pocket

John Hines, trombone featuring Hugh Ragin and Michael Pagán

  “ . . . and I can’t say enough about pianist Pagán’s part . . . when he
gets his spot, things go to a level I didn’t suspect existed.”
Dan McClenaghan, allaboutjazz.com     more reviews

In the Pocket  

The Big Time Jazz Orchestra

Randy Lee, director                                                                                                                       
Big Time Jazz Orchestra, Duluth, MN (www.bigtimejazz.org/recordings/)

The Big Time Jazz Orchestra

No Excuses

Knox College Jazz Ensembles ’97–‘98                                                                                                          

Dr. Scott Garlock, director      
Featuring Michael Pagán’s Superior Attitude performed live at the Orpheum Theater, Galesburg, IL

No Excuses  

Bobby Trujillo

Bobby Trujillo, drums; congas & percussion with Larry Copeland, congas/bongos; John Chavez, tenor sax;
Michael Pagán, keyboards; Mitch Chmara/Dallas Dennis, guitar;  Kenny Ortega/Paul Bower, bass

Bobby Trujillo